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02 // MY STORY

I was in location catering and watched it crash like everything else. A month into the lockdown I was fortunate to work alongside a company named SLS, a Houston based disaster management company, employed to build two emergency hospitals in Queens and Brooklyn. I helped coordinate on-site catering for the build, the doctors and nurses, and the Covid-19 patients, having to follow the absolute strictest of protocols.

I soon realized the only way to survive the forced halt of the film, TV, and commercial production industries was to retrain. I threw myself in several infection control, contact tracing, and SARS-CoV-2 specific training and learning opportunities(including the OSHA 30 hr. General Industry card and "CPR/AED, Standard First Aid, and Blood borne Pathogens (BLS)" certification).

I've since worked on a vast array of studio and location shoots that include shows for PBS and HBO, small and large commercials for fashion and beauty, and a host of household and global brands. My reputation and standing in the tri-state area speak for itself. Since the inception of Covid-19 on-set infection control protocols, I've probably spent more hours on set providing comprehensive and informative infection control protocols than any other Health and Safety Manager in the tri-state media production industry.

With every shoot and their own specific on-set protocols, it's fundamental that safety is paramount. I've taken that experience and redefined how the synergy of on-set Covid-19 compliance, production demands, and budget expectations meet by creating Set Protection Services of New York™.

Set Protection Services of New York™ provide specialized SARS-CoV-2 infection control and compliance services to film, TV, and the commercial photography industries across the tri-state area. The knowledge, expertise, and access to a network of suppliers allows you to release the burden of what's now an essential part of your production.

Allow us to show you how to live, work, and co-exist in a Covid-19 world.


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